Friday, January 26, 2007


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Comment filtering at Strib blog, again......

I posted a comment on Eric Black's Star Tribune blog, and once again I'm having problems. This time my comment is sitting in "Moderation", but in the past some comments simply just disappeared.

Here is my comment. Does this deserve to be blocked?

Liberal democrat Jimmy Carter was by far the worst President in US history and continues to be an embarassment with his anti-Semitic rants.

Liberals are going gaga over Barack Hussein Obama just like liberals in Minneapolis did with Keith Hakim Mohammed Ellis. Both have Muslim backgrounds and it’s more important than anything for liberals to advance these people in the name of diversity.
By the way Dora, Mrs. Clinton is the one exposing Obama’s Muslim roots, so don’t play the race card with me again.

In any case, the liberal infatuation with Obama and Ellison simply because they are black Muslims just proves that we can’t trust our national security to the democrat party.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'll be back!

I'll be traveling for work starting Jan. 21 and be gone all week. See you next week!

Ted Kennedy the Liberal Bufoon

I just watch Meet the Depressed on NBC and noticed they had Ted Kennedy on as a guest. He once again made a complete fool of himself with is anti-war on terror rants.

Liberals love his pacifist views, but other than that he is a complete embarassment to the democrat party. Why do liberals put up with him?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jimmy Carter continues to embarrass America

Besides being the worst President in American history, Jimmy Carter is continuing to make a fool of himself and embarrass America in the process. Read below from the Strib:

"ATLANTA - Fourteen members of an advisory board to Jimmy Carter's human rights organization resigned on Thursday to protest his new book, which has been criticized as unfairly critical of Israel and riddled with inaccuracies.

The resignations at the Carter Center are the latest backlash against the former president's book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid." The book has also drawn fire from Jewish groups and fellow Democrats, and led to the resignation last month of Kenneth Stein, a center fellow and a longtime Carter adviser."

Jimmy Carter is anti-Semitic and seems to favor the Muslim terrorists who are trying to kill innocent people, over Israeli's who have been trying to work things out with the them. Carter is probably still trying to make a legacy for himself after his failed Presidency, but he's making things worse.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Amplified Muslim Call to Prayer coming to your neighborhood?

Because of a large and rapidly growing Muslim immigrant population which is starting to have influence in local politics, a city noise ordinance in Michigan could change to allow amplified Muslim Calls to Prayer in Arabic between the hours of 6:00AM and 10:00PM fives times daily.

Hamtramck Muslim community members' request to amend the city noise ordinance so mosques can use loudspeakers for a call to prayer has divided some residents along religious lines. Non-Muslims are outraged and concerned that it will be annoying and disruptive of sleep. Unfortunately, the resolution is likely to pass next week, unless a petition to stop this non-sense is successful.

This is just one more example of why we really need to change our suicidal immigration policy.

So far the ACLU has been silent on this matter, mainly because they prefer to attack Christians only.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Star Tribune Blog blocks following post:

Eric Blacks blog, has been very good about posting all comments up until now. Does the following post look offensive to you? There are no links either which might slow it down. I'm disappointed in the Star Tribune's censorship..
I am of 100% Norwegian decent myself, and I am planning to visit where my Great Grandparents lived in Hjelle and Eidskog sometime soon. Norway is a beautiful country and I want to experience the culture before it changes to much.

I'm reluctant though to support a socialist government, which is obvious through the high prices tourist are forced to pay there. Norway is also dependant on Muslim immigration to support it's "cradle to grave" welfare system. This is culteral suicide!

There are problems caused by Muslim immigration such as the rape epidemic in Oslo, violent crime, and a serious problem with a lack of assimilation.

I'm concerned about Minnesota as well. We have more third world immigrants than about any state in the country because they are attracted to our welfare system, and we are starting to see the same assimilation problems as Europe. Somali Muslim cabbies at the airport now refuse to pick up people with alcohol, pork, homosexuals, or blind people with seeing eye dogs.
Good news though! The extremely liberal Star Tribune editorial board wrote a very rare common sense piece condemning these Muslims for their lack of tolerance. Good for them!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Muslim Somali Airport Cabbies

I just finished watching a story on Hannity and Colmes on FOX NEWS CHANNEL, and the topic was on how immigrant Muslim Somali's at the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport are routinely discriminating against and refusing service to passengers carrying alcohol, or blind people with seeing eye dogs. They have been know to refuse service to gays and transgendered people as well, but this wasn't covered.

It was embarrassing that Minnesota was in the news in a negative way like this again, and it's time people wake up and realize what's going on here.

The reason we have so many Muslims in Minnesota isn't because of our warm desert climate which reminds them of home, but because of our liberal welfare system which attracts recipients from around the globe. Not only that, but local groups like the Minneapolis Foundation and Lutheran Social Services have been working hard to import as many Muslims here as possible at taxpayers expense. Minnesota Taxpayers suffer for this assualt on common sense by liberal multiculteralists.

The new Muslim immigrants have little desire to assimate to our way of life unlike previous immigrants, and seem to demand that we adapt to them.

Muslim cab drivers who insist on discriminating because of their Islamic religion are in the wrong line of work and should have their cab licenses revoked if needed. It sounds like they have been given a warning by the airport commission before a vote on the subject comes up, so they can think about alternative employment which is refreshing news out of liberal Hennepin County.

Mulsims are also demanding a prayer room at MSP. The commission has offered a spot for prayer for all faiths, as well as an offer to expand if necessary, but this isn't good enough for the Muslims. They are demanding a MUSLIM ONLY area at MSP.

Nice immigration policy we have.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Boycott Lowe's

I recently stopped at the new Lowe's store in Rogers, MN. to pick up some insulation. I was so disgusted by what I saw, that I turned around and walked right out. Lowe's has decided to become a 100% bilingual store. Every sign from the bathrooms to financing was in English AND Spanish!.

The people of Minnesota shouldn't put up with this. We border Canada, not Mexico.

I am tired of having to Press 1 for English, and seeing these signs everywhere you turn is completely annoying. Not only that, but Lowe's is hurting illegal and legal immigrants by eliminating the need to learn English and assimilate.

Please contact Lowe's and let them know how you feel:

Customer Care (CON8)
Lowe's Companies, Inc.
P.O. Box 1111
North Wilkesboro, NC 28656

Pictures from inside Lowe's will be posted on Thursday.

Monday, January 01, 2007

CAIR: Islamists Fooling the Establishment

This piece is by Daniel Pipes and needs to be more widely read, especially with Minnesota electing a Muslim (Keith Hakim Ellison) to congress who has a working relationship with CAIR and has been involved with Louis Farrakan's Nation of Islam:
CAIR: Islamists Fooling the Establishment