Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Canadians wake up and vote Liberals out!

I wanted to give my views on the election in Canada which put Conservatives in power, but Michael Coren's piece says it all. Hopefully Canada will now do something about it's suicidal immigration policy which would make the United States safer from terrorists.


By MICHAEL COREN (Toronto Sun)

I could write volumes about why you should vote for the Conservatives on Monday, but in the final analysis the reason is simple and comes down to one single word.


This is one of the most important elections in the history of Canada and the future of the country is in the balance. There are some things about Stephen Harper that do not impress and some things about his party that cause concern.

But whatever your reservations about the Tories and however much you have to hold your nose on Monday as you vote, chant that word to yourself.

Liberals. Liberals. Liberals.

Remember the massive corruption, some of the worst we and most other western nations have ever known. Beyond Quebec and AdScam, there were ministers spending public money on sumptuous and numerous dinners while taxpayers worried about whether they could pay the rent or keep the house.

MPs accused of all sorts of ethical violations, government members travelling in first-class comfort around the world with their friends for no apparent purpose, all paid for by your money and through your sweat.

The dominance of the culture of entitlement, with Liberal politicians reacting angrily when even challenged about their actions.

The triumph of the empty cliche. "Moving forward and not backwards ... The party of change ... Canadian values ... No to extremism." The marginalizing of millions of Canadians, on the right and the left, merely because they did not embrace some souffle of Liberal emptiness.

The lies. Paul Martin telling faith leaders in a private meeting that he personally opposed same-sex marriage, but then standing up in Parliament and accusing anybody who opposed the notion of being un-Canadian. His promise to reduce the "democratic deficit" but then denying a free vote on the issue to cabinet ministers and using a carrot and stick to influence backbenchers.

Belinda Stronach tossing her empty head and arrogantly joining the cabinet of a government she had endlessly criticized. Selfish misfits from various parties becoming Liberals simply for power and Martin welcoming them as long-lost comrades.

The emasculation of the armed forces, the rot of our inner cities, the decline of the health care system, the evaporation of our international reputation, the failure to analyze immigration, the weakening of the police, the trendy and dangerous approach towards drugs, prostitution and perversion.


The attacks upon the West and the fawning acceptance of every Quebec ambition. The childish taunts of the U.S. but the friendly policies towards murderous regimes such as Cuba and China.
The destruction of democracy with the increased power of the Supreme Court and the appointment of cronies to positions of enormous influence. Prisons resembling hotels, law-abiding gun owners treated as criminals and criminals treated as victims.


The pride that so many of us felt at being part of this vast and vastly great country dripping away as the Canadian body politic became ill and sickly. The realization that Ottawa was a cult rather than a culture, where Canada was dismantled instead of strengthened.


Walk steadily to the polling booth on Monday and, whatever you have voted in the past, know that you can and will make a difference. By voting for the only party that can form a new government, force the Liberals to remake themselves and return Canada to the status and stability it deserves.

Never before have I asked friends and readers to vote thus. But this time it is too late to do otherwise. Good luck. Good Canada.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Officer Dan May returns award he deserved

The City of Minneapolis once again showed how hopelessly liberal it is with it’s meddling in the Medal of Valor award Dan May received from the Awards Committee. After pressure from Chief Bill McManus, the Star Tribune, the corrupt Minneapolis City Council, and Black pressure groups, Dan May showed what a classy guy he is and returned the award.

The City of Minneapolis handled the 1990 incident in which Dan May shot gang member Tycel Nelson in self defense very poorly from the start. Even though Officer May was cleared of any wrongdoing, the corrupt city council awarded Earline Skinner, the mother of Tycel Nelson $250,000 of taxpayer money to keep activists like Spike Moss quiet. Not only was this a waste of taxpayer money, it was perceived to be an admission of guilt. Known gang members should be automatically disqualified from any potential lawsuit award.

The Black leaders in Minneapolis seem to be more interested in tying the hands of law enforcement than in eradicating the gang problem. In this increasingly dangerous city where it is not uncommon to be killed by stray gunfire, it’s no wonder that police officers respond to calls such as gang shootings very seriously, and they have every right to defend themselves.

The Black activists claim that because Tycel Nelson was shot in the back, Officer May must have been at fault. However, a study showed how this is easily explained (read below):


"The Tycel Nelson case was the one that pushed me to understand what the parameters of all this is about."

For psychologist Bill Lewinski it was the starting point for science. At the Force Science Research Center at Mankato State, Professor Lewinski has brought the street to the lab... measuring deadly force... in fractions of a second.

"And then one two, six/100th's of a second they get a discharge."

According to Professor Lewinski's research: suspects move and shoot three times faster than an average officer can possibly react. If an officer waits until a weapon is pointed right at them, it's too late.

"If they're close enough they're dead, or wounded."

It's a lesson officers learn quickly in a shooting simulator, like this one operated by the Hennepin County Sheriff's office.

"You need to make a decision in a split second."

For a trained officer, it's a sobering experience.

"What did you do sir, settle down."

"Drop the gun sir, drop the gun sir?"

In my case, a disaster.

"What does he have in his hand, a billfold, oh, my gosh."

I kill one man trying to show me his wallet. Pumped 20 rounds into another suspect.

"A few too many shots maybe."

…And fail to stop a man from killing his wife.

Yet even this simulator, with hundreds of scenarios, cannot explain what happened that night fourteen years ago.

But Dr. Lewinski believes he finally can.

"I've looked at over nine hundred officer-involved shootings and the vast majority the subject is shot somewhere in the side or the back."

Watch this carefully. Lewinski's experiments have shown a suspect can fire, turn his back, and begin running, in just 18/100th's of a second.

"The fastest was a forty-one-year-old women. She simply rotated her hips."

It takes an average officer 33/100ths of a second to respond, and that's with their finger on the trigger. The difference, is more than enough time for the bullet to hit the back.

"Very seldom is it the Dodge City showdown, when you get two people face to face shooting each other. Very often subjects are turning, moving, and running away from each other."

An explanation in fractions of a second, that's taken years to live down.

"The truth never got out."

In all his years as a cop, that night was the only time Dan May has ever fired his weapon in the line of duty. And yet, for so many people on the north side, he'll always be the cop who shot the kid in the back.

"They're still trying to get their pound of flesh for Tycel Nelson."

Its too bad Mayor Rybak had to fire an effective Police Chief in Robert Olson and go out of his way to find the most liberal candidate available with Dayton, Ohio Chief Bill McManus. Crime in Minneapolis is back to the “Murderapolis” days because of this.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration is becoming a hot topic in Minnesota as well as the rest of the country. Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is proposing changes to crack down on illegal immigration including ending the illegal "Sanctuary City" policies enacted by the extremely liberal mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Is Governor Pawlenty on the right track?