Friday, May 12, 2006

Voter Fraud coming to Minnesota

The next election in Minnesota this Fall will be tainted with voter fraud, thanks to the Democrats. House Republicans were able to pass a bill on May 9th, 2006 which would require voters to show a picture ID, despite Democrat opposition. Rep. Keith Ellison, a Muslim and DFL choice to replace Martin Sabo said " It's a voter-suppression bill". House minority leader Matt Entenza said " If Grandma forgets her purse back at the farm, she won't be able to vote".
Even though this common sense bill was passed by the house, it's unlikely to get anywhere in the Democrat controlled Senate.

Hopefully the Democrats aren't fooling anyone and we know exactly why they refuse to control voter fraud. It's very simple, illegal aliens and others who commit voter fraud overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

As it stand right now, virtually anyone in Minnesota can vote vote with the loopholes we have. In fact, Minnesota is the only place in the world which allows someone off the street with no ID to vote if someone else vouches for them.

With this country being so politically divided and the fact that many recent election results were very, very close, it would be awful if election outcomes were decided by foreigners.