Sunday, December 31, 2006

Minnesota Somali's Protest Removal of Islamist Government

As many as 1,500 Somali immigrants who came to Minnesota for welfare benefits gathered in Minneapolis to protest the removal of the Taliban style Islamic government with Somali and Ethiopian forces. This Islamist government was made up of known terrorists and had links to Al Qaida. They were also brutal in enforcing Sharia law and even beheaded people for not praying five times a day.

The protesting Somali's were openly protesting America's war on terror and were seen carrying signs saying "Islam is the Answer".

This behavior shouldn't surprise anyone. We have seen a Somali terror link with Mohammed Warsame in Minneapolis, and in England may of the train station bombers were Somali's who lived off of the British welfare system.

When will Americans wake up and realize that importing these people to America is a very bad idea?

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Violent Crime Surges in Minneapolis, again....

Thanks to the extremely liberal and incompetent Minneapolis Mayor and communist leaning city council, violent crime is once again skyrocketing in Minnepolis with murders alone up 20% from last year.

Mayor R.T. Rybak has consistantly shown that he is more interested in political correctness and multiculterism than in common sense crime fighting measures. An example of this is when he fired a fairly effective police chief with Robert Olson, then searced the country to find the most liberal candidate available and hired Bill McManus who turned out to be a complete disaster and ended up leaving. Rybak and McManus basically sided with radical "community activists" who themselves were part of the problem and starting putting blame on the police instead of the criminals. McManus and his disciplinary actions against Minneapolis police officers and new rules of conduct severely hurt the department.

R.T. Rybak has also instituted an unlawful "illegal alien sanctuary city" policy which ties the hands of law enforement when dealing with illegal alien criminals. This also makes it very difficult to control the rapid growth of dangerous Mexican gangs in the metro area. The liberal Star Tribune tries to minimize the reporting of crimes committed by illegals, but they are a dangerous and growing threat.

I could go on and on about R.T. 's other bone headed moves such as hiring a lesbian as fire chief who used her power to have affairs with other lesbians in the department in exchange for promotions, cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements and legal fees, and to top it all off, he hired her back!, but I'll stick with crime.

Isn't it time voters wake up and get rid of this guy? Minneapolis is already at a disadvantage because our liberal welfare system attracts scum from across the globe. As one commenter put it, "If you put cheese out, the Rats will come." R.T. Rybak takes a bad situation and makes it much worse.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Anti-Christian blog pressures libraries

The anti-Christian blog has recently begun to pressure local libraries into purchasing the book American Facists, the Christian Right and the War on America, by Chris Hedges.

This is a quote from Eric Zaetsch, a writer for Dump Bachmann and lead Christian basher:
"Force the librarians to assure their collections are balanced and representative of a spectrum of thought or be, in part, responsible for the biases that others wrongly insinuate into such public organs of information dissemination."

Hedges book is far from being a best seller or even known, but if local libraries cave in to pressures from the anti-Christian left and purchase this book, shouldn't they be fair and stock books which are critical of Islamists? They are much more of a threat to western civilization than Christians.

Please contact your local libraries, especally if you deal with the ones in Anoka County, and ask that your tax dollars are spent more wisely than on Christian bashing books.