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Anonymous Moeman said...

dare2sayit your poll is kind of a moot point isn't it? I mean both candidates could do permanent and irrepairable damage to the freedoms currently enjoyed by Americans.

6:58 AM  
Blogger eric zaetsch said...

D2. I see you are back and hopping.

Think this over. There's a guy named Kramer, and a guy named McElroy. They swap jobs, but both relate back to a guy named Tim.

Now Kramer leaves this bureau, DEED. McElroy takes over. Like changing of the guard. A new man at the helm.

Well, ask them your question.

DEED is Department of Employment and Economic Development.

If they have a policy against illegal workers - and more important those employing them - it is not prominent on the DEED website.

Take an email or phone shot at this "employment" policing agency sometime - post what have they done, what not, and send them an email so you can focus on the party line response.

It would be worth your time.

The employers fuel the border crossing pressure; and how many roofing or siding companies have been scrutinized; while the feds only did a show bust at a few packing plants.

Ultimately, State-wise, the guy named Tim; I think it's all happening under his command.

8:03 PM  
Blogger said...

Right Moeman.


Thanks. I'll look into this.

6:16 AM  

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